More than 900 graduates of the english taught MBA Programme and more than 800 graduates of the greek taught MBA/MPA Programmes are today shaping the future of Cypriot and Overseas enterprises and organisations. It is noted that more than 200 graduates, from more than 65 different countries, have benefited from various Programmes of the MIM over the past four decades.

All MIM Graduates belong to the MIM Alumni Association. The current President of the MIM Alumni Association is
Mr. Antonis Georgiades.

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Testimonials from our Graduates...

"In a rapidly evolving environment, obtaining an MBA degree is the best personal investment for a professional. The MBA program of the Mediterranean Institute of Management (MIM), was more than just an educational experience, offering opportunities for personal and professional development”

George Pashias, MBA Class of 2020-2021

“My decision to follow the Master in Business Administration Programme of the Mediterranean Institute of Management has contributed to the expansion of my knowledge of how an effective management is achieved and helped me realize the important differences between a leader and a manager. The well-structured programme in combination with the high level of the academic staff helped me in the self-improvement on a personal and professional level and made me see things differently than before in my professional environment.”
Marios Neocleous, MBA Class of 2020-2021

“MIM is a living proof that this Business School applies in practice the Change Management and all other related MBA skills it has taught throughout the years to its numerous graduates.”
Norma Klippi Pekri, MBA class of 2019-2020

«Τhe MBA Programme at the MIM offers a life-changing experience and it creates the new generation of managers»
Stalo Mavrada, MBA class of 2017-2018

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