MBA Program (in English)

The MBA Program is a Full Time Programme with a duration of 13 months. The Programme has 9 compulsory courses, 4 optional courses and a Dissertation. For the successful completion of the Programme students must earn a total of 80 ECTS from the taught courses and 30 ECTS from the Dissertation.

The final grade for each course is extracted in the following manner, except otherwise agreed with the lecturer:

I. Final examination 60%

II. Interim examination or assignment 30%

III. Participation 10%

The MBA Programme of MIM is based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) system. Each credit corresponds to 25-30 hours of study.

A comprehensive description of each course can be found in the Programme Prospectus, which is available on the MIM website.

First Term (Compulsory Courses)
1. Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour
2. Marketing Management
3. Accounting and Financial Analysis
4. Management Principles and International Business
Second Term (Compulsory Courses)
5. Research Methodology and Dissertation Writing
6. Business Information System
7. Organization and Management of Productive Systems
8. Business Analytics
9. Business Law
Third Term (Effective Courses)
1. Managerial Accounting
2. Personal Development
3. Strategic Management
4. Ethics. Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility
5. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
6. Business Economics
Dissertation Workshop

All participants are required to prepare and submit a Dissertation for the award of the Master's degree. The objective of the Dissertation is to engage the students in an in-depth study and analysis of their chosen topic and enable them to reach important conclusions and form concrete suggestions.

The placement at a company/organization with the aim of acquiring work experience (internship) is over and above the 110 ECTS required for the successful completion of the Programme. Through the 200 hours internship the unemployed students are given the opportunity to develop their managerial skills in a real work environment. The student together with the Institution selects the company/organization at which the student is placed.

Transer of ECTS
Students can apply for the recognition of up to 20 ECTS of the Postgraduate Programme corresponding to credits awarded by another recognised institution/university for similar content courses of a postgraduate programme. The Academic Committee decides the number of transferred ECTS after the evaluation of the transcript and the analytical description of the courses the interested student wishes to transfer. No student can get an exemption of the Research Methodology & Dissertation Writing course which is considered necessary for the successful completion and submission of the Dissertation.
The grades of the transferred courses will not be recorded nor taken into account in the calculation of the final grade of the student's degree. It is noted that there will be no deduction in the respective Programme fees.

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